History of Study Abroad to Choluteca, Honduras

In March 2000, two Ohio State University nursing students and one professor made a trip to Choluteca to investigate the possibility of bringing future medical brigades to help with southern region health needs. The annual 9-day trip now involves several professors in Nursing and 30 undergraduate and graduate students. In addition to Nursing students, the opportunity has expanded to include students and professors from the Colleges of Pharmacy, Medicine, and Linguistics.

In addition to the annual nursing brigade, the Study Abroad program has extended to also include yearly trips involving students and professors from the College of Engineering. In 2013, the first "Capstone" project took place with students installing an aquaponics project in a local community.

In 2014, nearly 100 students came to Choluteca on numerous Study Abroad trips from the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership, and Construction Sytems Management, as well as a team of vocational school teachers. Plans are for this to be an annual trip.