Tim and Aleyda Spetnagel were married in December 2010. They have two sons Max and Lucas. Aleyda is the director of the Holistic Technical Educational Institute of Nursing. Tim works with the vocational school in maintenance and supervises the recreation program for the students.  David and Maribel Ortiz have been involved in the Choluteca regional work since the very beginning. David is pastor of the Shalom Church and is the administrator for the vocational school and for the nursing high school. Maribel will soon graduate with a doctorate in Microbiology. She is doing her required internship before graduating this Fall semester. Maribel also teaches science lab in the nursing high school. Maribel and David have one daughter (Belen).
 Larry and Angie Overholt have been missionaries with WGM since 1980. The worked in eastern Honduras until Hurricane Mitch hit Honduras. Due to the need for starting a community development project they transferred to Choluteca in 2000. 

Larry is the southern regional coordinator for WGM. Angie was a principal force in founding the first nursing high school in Honduras. She is presently the rector of the school.
Osman Echeverria is the vocational school director.