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Vocational Agriculture

    Honduras is a mountainous country and most of the good agricultural land is owned by large companies that grow crops for export. Honduras' main export crops include coffee, bananas, sugar cane, melons, and vegetables. In Southern Honduras most of the agriculture jobs are seasonal. Many of the seasonal workers are without work for six months of the year. Some of these seasonal workers have access to small parcels of land that are being under-utilized. Our challenge is to work with these farmers who want to learn how to make their land more productive.
Sugar cane

    Ohio State University students coming to Choluteca have the opportunity to visit large agriculture projects in Honduras. They also spend time interacting with people living in rural communities. 

    The main effort of OSU study abroad to Choluteca has been focused on&nbsp collaborating with the Choluteca Vocational School to improve the quality of education being offered. A seminar was recently hosted by the vocational school where Ohio State professor Dr. Jamie Cano presented useful information for 30 vocational educators from around Honduras. 

   OSU Construction Systems Management students worked on building maintenance projects alongside Choluteca vocational students and instructors. It was a valuable learning experience for students from both educational institutions. 

    We have a dream of establishing a vocational agriculture program in Choluteca. Agriculture students from Ohio State set up a soil composting project.