Travel Agreement

The Choluteca regional development team has hosted several Study Abroad groups every year sin starting in 2000. Every effort is made by the host organization (World Gospel Mission in Honduras) to make sure that the time spent in Honduras is a positive learning experience. We facilitate learning within the Honduras culture. 

These are a few of the general precautions that have been implemented. Additional specific arrangements may also be made whenever necessary.
  • Travel to Choluteca upon arrival in Honduras and then back to the capital city at the end of the Study Abroad experience is done during daylight hours. Normally, the return trip to the airport is done on the day preceding departure as a precaution to any unforeseen obstacles at the last minute. The night before leaving Honduras students stay in secure facilities owned and operated by World Gospel Mission. 
  • World Gospel Mission owns a secure guest facility in the capital city of Tegucigalpa.
  • Preventive maintenance is routinely done on all vehicles. Experienced drivers are used to operate the vehicles. 
  • Arrival and departure dates are not widely published.
  • An orientation will be given by the host leaders within 24 hours of the student's arrival in Honduras. Normally, this is done after supper on the first evening in Choluteca. 
  • Students will be accompanied by responsible members of the host team during any travel in or around Choluteca.
  • The host team has worked at building valuable social capital resources which add to the positive security of all visitors. For this reason, all participants in any Study Abroad program to Choluteca are required to sign a statement that they will follow certain requirements while in Honduras. This is done to protect the image of World Gospel Mission in Honduras as well as for the personal security of all participants in the study abroad program. (Note: Travel Agreement )
  • World Gospel Mission in Honduras maintains a large social network of contacts who are continually vigilant for any possible activity of concern within the country. We have completed our 100 year anniversary in 2014.
  • World Gospel Mission in Honduras has contingency plans in case of emergencies. 
  • Team leaders of the Study Abroad program will be assigned a local cell telephone and given emergency numbers and instructions on the use of the telephone. 
  • World Gospel Mission leaders in the International Headquarters in Marion, Indiana are continually in contact with the US State Department concerning any security issues that might be developing. 
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